Blue Skies Happy Trails is where nature and movement meet up in the realm of coaching and helping people thrive in their lives.   Linda K. Williams, a certified integral coach, offers a blend of coaching, outdoor experiences and consulting.  
Blue Skies Happy Trails, LLC 

Blue Skies Happy Trails

Are you ready to take your next step?

 As a coach, you might think it would be easy for me to write the "About Me" page.  Well, I'm telling you it's not.   Shifting from the corporate world, to the I'm doing my "own thing" world, is both exciting and scary.   My motto has always been, or I've at least tried to make it, "Be Afraid and Do It Anyway".    So, as I begin to develop what is means to live and work under the image of Blue Skies Happy Trails, I'll be doing a lot of self-reflection and  putting myself out there.

Starting in 2017, I'm going to build on the coaching work that I did at Intel and combine it with my love of bringing people together and where, possible, incorporate aspects of the outdoors and movement.

What you're likely to get if you reach out, take the next step and join me for a Blue Skies Happy Trails Hike or 1:1 coaching is first and foremost support for your journey -- your journey in life, at work, in love, in whatever you bring to our conversation. Your journey, your trail, your blue sky is yours to uncover, discover and find joy along the way.   My role as your coach will be to ask you questions, encourage you to self-reflect, find your own answers, and each day, keep taking that next step.

I hope we get to work together, and mostly I wish for you a journey of...

Blue Skies and Happy Trails,


PS:   On the qualifications side of things, I am a certified Integral Coach from New Ventures West.   I have my undergrad in engineering, a minor in Spanish, a Masters in Management and a bunch of years working in high tech for Intel, including many years in Human Resources.  Recently, I've been lending my HR consulting skills to a fabulous non-profit organization, Adelante Mujeres, in Forest Grove, OR.

PSS:  On the personal front, I am a born and raised Oregonian, a small town girl, with love of travel, photography and the outdoors.   I love the high desert and dream of living in Bend, OR someday.    My friends and family mean the world to me.   The most consistent theme in my life has been helping people along their paths.