Blue Skies Happy Trails

Are you ready to take your next step?

Blue Skies Happy Trails is where nature and movement meet up in the realm of coaching and helping people thrive in their lives.   Linda K. Williams, a certified integral coach, offers a blend of coaching, outdoor experiences and consulting.  

​​Coaching -  As a coach, one of my greatest joys is getting to work 1:1 with clients that are ready to explore "taking the next step" whatever that may be.   The possibilities are endless…  Together we start with a topic or an issue that you bring to coaching.   From there, I do an "intake", basically an inventory of what's going on it your life right now.  We don't go deeply into your past.   From there, we work together to develop 2 or 3 objectives for our coaching work together.  it's always to have something we're moving toward and to be aligned.   From there, we begin meeting on a regular basis where you share, I listen, you share, I ask questions, you share - ok, it's not quite that simple, but you get the idea.  It's a lot of quality conversation that points us in the direction of what's getting in your way (of acheiving your objectives) and then we work on ideas on how you can make long term sustainable changes that support the life you want to live.  Along the way, I offer you a series of self-reflections and practices that will help you gain new insights about yourself and your journey.

Quotes from past clients  ​
“One of the best parts about working with Linda was how quickly she can make a deep connection with you in each session. This resulted in really getting into the meat of the discussion right away – leaving you feeling fully satisfied with how fruitful each session was”

"Linda provided me a completely different type of coaching and personal development I was not expecting. I was in a very difficult stage of life when I met her and the focus and learned skills over six months with Linda are invaluable. I am most thankful for her uplifting work with me." ~Gwen

 “Linda and I quickly developed a relationship built on mutual respect and trust that I hadn’t experienced with other coaches I’ve worked with. This led to much better results for me as we were able to have very deep meaningful discussions in every session.”

​“Linda is one of the best executive coaches I worked with. We started working together when I was transitioning between two jobs. She was great at helping me deep-diving into the past, extracting from there bits of wisdom and learning, and applying these to the new assignment. Linda is great at helping you define actionable steps that move you forward. No matter where you are in your career you will feel you can make immediate progress.“ 

How to get started?  Most coaching engagements only make sense if we work together over a period of time.  Typically it is 6 months (up to a year), during which we meet every 2-3 weeks, sometimes once/month.  Together we decide what will work best based on our mutual schedules.  Since every person's needs and ability to pay is unique, I don't have a set pricing schedule.   When we first connect, we can discuss that and see if there's a match between what I can offer and what you are looking for in support of your next step.


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